Our mission

ParaCENTRUM Fenix aims to help all spinal cord injured (SCI) people and their close relatives with adjustment to everyday functioning after the injury and empower them to live active, exciting, and fulfilling lives.

We are user-led organisation offering health, social, legal and other services which cannot be provided to SCI people by their immediate families from various reasons. You can come to ParaCENTRUM Fenix for help, advice and update information about the life with SCI.

We advocate on behalf of spinal cord injured people, promote their full social integration, and higher quality of life. We raise awareness of SCI and its prevention through talks and publications.

Since 2009, we have been members of ESCIF (European Spinal Cord Injury Federation) which unites SCI consumer organisations from over twenty European countries. We participate in international projects and are in working contact with other ESCIF members to share experience, knowledge and best practice.

Our aims

Our essential aim is to help, support and empower each of our clients to be able to live their lives according to their expectations as much as they can. We care for their well-being.

  • to facilitate the return to home environment from institutional care
  • to help maintain or enhance physical activity of everybody with SCI
  • to support our clients to be more self-independent and self-sufficient
  • to help with adjustment to new social situation after SCI
  • to help maintain and develop social and communication skills
  • to support sharing and exchanging of information and experiences among our clients
  • to help access information and qualified consultations regarding new rights and claims after SCI

Target group

Our target group are all people older than 16 with a physical handicap due to spinal cord injury and their significant others

Our principles

Individual approach – we respect that everybody is different so the actual needs and aims of our clients may vary

Respect of privacy ‒ our services are provided on the basis of confidentiality

Voluntary participation – we believe our clients to choose freely from the range of our services, they are not forced to cooperate

Flexibility ‒ we try to provide our services in times our clients prefer the most